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R/18 Interview with the Author Series: Ros Ballaster and Marcie Frank

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

What a pleasure it was to sit down earlier this year to interview Ros Ballaster and Marcie Frank as part of the second installment of the R/18 Interview with the Author series. Ballaster's Fictions of Presence: Theatre and Novel in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Boydell Press, 2020) and Frank's The Novel Stage: Narrative Form from the Restoration to Jane Austen (Bucknell, 2020) take distinct approaches to the intersection of novel forms with stage representation in the period, but they both demonstrate the mutually reciprocal and productive relationship these media had with one another. In doing so, they illuminate how the stage was narrated and the novel was staged, giving rise along the way to significant aesthetic insights and cultural innovations. I'll leave it to the authors to say more about their work in the interview here: R18 Interview with the Author: Ballaster and Frank. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for our next installment!

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