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How They Did It

Stagecraft, stage tech, and movement work from 1660-1800

The Busy Body 

Shift Plot

Black-Eyed Susan 

Set Design


Teaching Videos

Instructional videos about Restoration and eighteenth-century theatre

Performance from the Jane Scott Project.

See Dick McCaw on movement at 40:45

See Oonaugh Phelan & Lucy Nevitt fight class at 55:40

More teaching videos coming soon!


Sample Syllabi

Click any of the buttons to open a syllabus.

Emily Hodgson Anderson

18th Century Fiction
and the Self

Foundations of the

Literature and 
Performance in 18th 
Century England

Performance Studies
and Theatrical Time

Rewriting Shakespeare

Shakespeare through
the (Early Modern) Ages

Helen Burke

Ethnographic Imagination in the
18th Century

Love, Marriage, and Gender in Rest/18th Century British Drama

Laura Engel

18th Century Film

Drama and 
Material Culture

Queens of the
Long 18th Century

Queer 18th Century
Literature - 
Sapphic Subjects

Marcie Frank

18th Century Drama #1

18th Century Drama #2

The Fop and the
Parameters of Style

Lisa Freeman

Fashioning Celebrities,
Performing Plays

Rest/18th Century 
Literature: Wherefore
Art Thou Shakespeare?

Jean Marsden

Restoration & 
18th Century Drama

Rest/18th Century
Literature and Sexuality

Rest/18th Century
(Capstone Course)

Women and Theatre

Daniel O'Quinn

18th and 19th Century

Approaching the
Circum-Atlantic World

British India

Fantasy, Islamophobia, 

Patriotism, Sociability,

Space and the Advent 
of the Commercial 
Theatre #1

Space and the Advent 
of the Commercial 
Theatre #2

Fiona Ritchie

Popular Entertainment
in the Long 18th Century

Theatre History in the
Long 18th Century

Gillian Russell

Performing the 
Georgian World

Jason Shaffer

Pre-WWI American 

Kristina Straub

Acting Out in the 
London Theatre

Restoration and 18th

Century Theatre

David Francis Taylor

Shakespeare in the 
Long 18th Century


Jane Wessell

If Shakespeare
Had a Podcast

Staged Sexualities

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