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teaching resources

We're committed to providing an array of pedagogical materials sourced from our online community. On this page you'll find useful videos and a wide variety of sample syllabi that run the gamut from highly specialized courses to broadly defined surveys of eighteenth-century theatre.


If you would like to contribute materials to this compendium of Teaching Resources please feel free to contact Daniel O’QuinnWe will do our best to update the page as frequently as possible to keep everyone apprised of new developments in teaching.

How They Did It

How They Did It

Videos on stagecraft, stage tech, and movement work from 1660-1800

Technical Tools & Documents

  • Cyborg Prompter: This website, designed James Harriman-Smith (Newcastle University), allows you to take on the responsibility of an 18th-century theatre prompter, and create the parts for your actors. 

  • Staging CentlivreThe shift plot for the production of Susanna Centlivre's The Busy Body at Clarence Brown Theatre in 2017.

Teaching Videos

Instructional videos & INTROS

Theatre as a social tool 

Theatre has been used as a tool to help bring about social change throughout history. English professor Misty Anderson takes looks at Restoration Plays and 18th-Century Theatre all the way to Hamilton today to reveal how plays have helped shape our society today.

How to stage a Restoration comedy on the modern stage

Guardian theatre critic Michael Billington in conversation with Prof. Michael Cordner (University of York).

'Working It Out' : Performance Workshop of The Jane Scott Project

A video record of The Jane Scott Project of 2002, led by Prof. Gilli Bush Bailey (Royal Holloway). Includes professional performances of scenes from Scott's The Old Oak Chest (1816) and The Inscription (1814); Dick McCaw on movement (at 40:45); and Oonaugh Phelan & Lucy Nevitt fight class (at 55:40) 

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