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2023-24   on decolonizing theatre             

A Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar Series

Northwestern University

Launching Sept. 21 2023.

Funded by a Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar, the Northwestern multi-disciplinary project “On Decolonizing Theatre” will feature a series of events and curricular offerings during the 2023-2024 academic year on the theme of how performers and theater directors have been grappling with issues relating to colonialism, imperialism, racism, patriarchy, and misogyny in theatrical works from the late 17th through the early 19th century, including plays, operas, and ballets.

Upcoming events:

  • Launch (Sept. 21)

  • "Decolonizing Mozart's Opera's" (Oct. 5)

  • The Rosina Project (Nov. 2)

For more information see here.

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4 may 2022   Who's the Dupe?             

Hannah Cowley's Who’s the Dupe? (1779)

A script-in-hand performance
St. Hugh's College, Oxford

4 May 2022, 5.30pm

A cast of professional actors will mount a script-in-hand performance of Hannah Cowley's riotous 2-act farce, having spent the day rehearsing the play. 

Directed by Colin Blumenau. Produced by Creation Theatre.

Read more about this event here.

Book your free ticket HERE.


8-9 Sept. 2022   inchbald conference         

Elizabeth Inchbald: A Bicentennial Conference

St. Hugh's College, Oxford

2021 marks the bicentenary of the death of actress, playwright, novelist, and editor, Elizabeth Inchbald, whose plays are among the most popular of the final decades of the eighteenth century. This two-day conference will consider Inchbald’s work and legacy, both of which remain profoundly undervalued and understudied. The conference will include a professional, script-in-hand performance of Inchbald’s farce, Animal Magnetism (1788).

Registration and programme information here


23 JAN. 2023   ANIMAL MAGNETISM            

Elizabeth Inchbald's Animal Magnetism (1788)

Presented by Red Bull Theater

Live-stream on 23 Jan. 2023 at 7.30pm ET

On-demand viewing from 24-29 Jan.

Elizabeth Inchbald’s 18th-century farce is a brilliant riff on the art of performance and a hilarious and all too relevant takedown of some men’s insistence that they own and control women’s bodies. This one-off performance is part of Red Bull Theater’s OBIE Award-winning **Revelation Readings **series, which offers audiences the unique opportunity to experience rarely produced classic plays performed by the finest actors working today. It will be recorded live at the Library of The Players in Manhattan and is presented in collaboration with the R/18 Collective.

For more information and to book your free ticket, please see here.

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3 FEB. 2023   BALLET DE Porcelaines             

Zoom roundtable on Ballet de Porcelaines

Online, Friday 3 Feb. 2023, 4pm EST / 9pm GMT

Meredith Martin, art history professor at New York University, and Phil Chan, choreographer and activist, have together revived the Ballet des Porcelaines, a Baroque ballet pantomime of 1739. In this Zoom roundtable, Martin and three scholars consider the challenges of bringing eighteenth-century stage works to today's audiences, especially when such works are deeply immersed in, and express, the ideology of white European supremacy. What are the rewards and implications of this reimagining of the Ballet des Porcelaines? And what can we learn from it?

For more information and to register, please see here.


24 FEB. 2023   A BOLD STROKE for a wife

Susanna Centlivre's A Bold Stroke for a Wife (1718) 

A rehearsed reading, presented by Creation Theatre

Maplethorpe Hall, St. Hugh's College, Oxford

Friday 24 Feb. 2023, 5pm

Creation Theatre present a rehearsed reading of Centlivre's comic masterpiece, in collaboration with the R/18 Collective. Young Colonel Fainwell wants to marry Anne Lovely but there’s a problem: he needs the consent of all four of her guardians and they’re very different men. How can he possibly meet the combined approval of a stockbroker, a Quaker, an antiquarian, and an ageing fashionista? The answer: by becoming a stockbroker, a Quaker, an antiquarian, and a fashionista.

Free tickets will be available soon via Creation's website.



Aphra Behn's The Emperor of the Moon (1687) 

A Digital Production, presented by Creation Theatre

Live for 5 nights: 22, 25, 26, 27, 28 April 2023 (times TBA)

Dr. Baliardo has lost the plot. Obsessed with pseudo-scientific ideas and more interested in his huge telescope than his family, an intervention is needed - and that’s exactly what his daughter, niece, and their lovers intend. When Baliardo is contacted by none other than the Emperor of the Moon, so begins an elaborate ruse that will bring the triumph of love and the return of reason.


Aphra Behn’s spectacular farce is brought to you live each night by the magic of digital theatre. The production is directed by Gari Jones and presented by Creation Theatre, in collaboration with the R/18 Collective. 


Tickets will be available soon via Creation's website.

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Elizabeth Inchbald's The Massacre (1792) 

A rehearsed reading, presented by Creation Theatre

Maplethorpe Hall, St. Hugh's College, Oxford

11 May 2023, time TBA

In The Massacre, Inchbald daringly explores the causes and costs of revolutionary violence. Written as the French Revolution spiralled into bloodshed, and too politically provocative to be performed in the playwright's own lifetime, the tragedy remains chillingly timely.


Free tickets will be available soon via Creation's website.


25 MAY 2023   de Montfort

Joanna Baillie's De Monfort (1798)

A rehearsed reading, presented by Creation Theatre

Maplethorpe Hall, St. Hugh's College, Oxford

25 May 2023, time TBA

De Monfort - wealthy, respected, loved - is driven to madness and murder by his all-consuming jealousy of another man. Is he truly being goaded or is it all in his imagination? And is his love for his sister really that of a brother? Baillie's tragedy powerfully demonstrates her belief that theatre was the place for dissecting the human passions.


Free tickets will be available soon via Creation's website.


16-21 Sept. 2023   cato            

Joseph Addison's Cato (1713)

Lab Theatre at the Clarence Brown Theatre, Knoxville

Sept. 16, 19, 20, and 21 at 7pm; Sept. 17 at 2:30pm

Addison's play is in the American bloodstream. Dramatizing the final day of Cato the Younger's life and the fall of the Roman Republic, it was staged by George Washington's troops at Valley Forge in 1778. A talented cast under the direction of Charles Pasternak bring this important and powerful play into the twenty-first century. 

This project is supported by a generous grant from the Institute of American Civics and the scholarly resources of the R/18 Collective, along with the University of Tennessee Departments of English, Classics, History, and Theatre, and the Center for Global Engagement.

For more information and to book your free ticket, please see here.

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