5-7 Dec. 2022   actio! symposium             

Actio! Actio! Actio! European Acting Techniques in Historical Perspective Telders Auditorium Leiden University

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5-7 December 2022

This symposium reflects on issues of propriety, emotion and virtuosity on the European stage, both past and present. Through lectures and performance, we address historical texts as thespian provocations; we see words not as mere thoughts, but as catalysts to histrionic display. While proposing a return of art and artifice to the actor’s craft, we welcome debate: can we revive a démodé, brightly-feathered, sweet-song’d (and sometimes double-tongued) tradition—a tradition that stretches back to Demosthenes—whose wings have been clipped by the modernist shears of 20th-century naturalism? And if we can…should we do so, just because we can?

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4 may 2022   Who's the Dupe?             

Hannah Cowley's Who’s the Dupe? (1779)

A script-in-hand performance
St. Hugh's College, Oxford

4 May 2022, 5.30pm

A cast of professional actors will mount a script-in-hand performance of Hannah Cowley's riotous 2-act farce, having spent the day rehearsing the play. 

Directed by Colin Blumenau. Produced by Creation Theatre.

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8-9 Sept. 2022   inchbald conference         

Elizabeth Inchbald: A Bicentennial Conference

St. Hugh's College, Oxford

2021 marks the bicentenary of the death of actress, playwright, novelist, and editor, Elizabeth Inchbald, whose plays are among the most popular of the final decades of the eighteenth century. This two-day conference will consider Inchbald’s work and legacy, both of which remain profoundly undervalued and understudied. The conference will include a professional, script-in-hand performance of Inchbald’s farce, Animal Magnetism (1788).

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27-28 Oct. 2022   Newberry symposium         

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