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R/18 Interview with the Author Series: Laura Rosenthal

The R/18 Collective continues its Interview with the Author series in a conversation with Professor Laura Rosenthal about her new book Ways of the World: Theater and Cosmopolitanism in the Restoration and Beyond (Cornell University Press, 2020). In this new work, Rosenthal provides us with a far-reaching and illuminating study of the ways in which Restoration drama gathered together and distilled the wide range of epoch-making, contemporary political events and ambitions that would ultimately transform England into a global empire. As Professor Rosenthal explains, the outcomes in this moment were not yet clear, and the stage played a significant role not only in satirizing but also in exposing the ugly and violent undersides of those imperial ambitions and the accompanying pretensions of cosmopolitan culture. We'll leave it to her to say more about the book and its arguments and only add that we are also happy with this latest installment to be able to include closed captions and hence to make these interviews more accessible for all. You can find the interview with Laura Rosenthal here: R18 Interview with the Author: Laura Rosenthal

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