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The Critic on Zoom Feb 27th, 5:30 PM Eastern

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Did you enjoy our November production of The Emperor of the Moon or just hear about the hilarity second-hand? Many of the same talents are back for this live Zoom production of Sheridan's The Critic, or, a Tragedy Rehearsed, in conjunction with SEASECS, the Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. The production is directed by Charles Pasternak of The Porters of Hellsgate, with the assistance of Charlotte Munson (Cochella Valley Rep) and Misty G. Anderson (yours truly, University of Tennessee) on the adaptation of the script. The cast includes the divine Carol Mayo Jenkins, Chauncy Thomas (also coming soon in the Red Bull's production of The Belle's Stratagem Feb. 22), Tyler Nye, Will Block, Brittany Pirozzoli, Laetitia Hollard, Cindy Nguyen, and David Alan Anderson. This production was chosen and designed with the medium of Zoom fully in mind as an experiment in how farce, rehearsal plays, and metatheatricality flourish in this medium on which we have all come to depend during this ghost-light time. Based on George Villiers' (et. al.) The Rehearsal, and in response to the revival of Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy, the advent of naval dramas, and Sheridan's own outsized influence as the new owner of Drury Lane, The Critic is full of theatrical inside humor, some of which you will find judiciously translated for the present circumstances. This will be a one-time only production, so you won't want to miss the fun available on Feb. 27th at 5:30 PM, eastern. Register now for this free production, but also consider putting something in the virtual tip jar for the actors who are only available because of this ghost-light Covid crisis, as their theatres are shuttered. And, if you'd like to see some of this cast in a production of The Revolutionists on Thursday, Feb. 25, 7:00 PM Pacific/10:00 PM Eastern, you can register for a free ticket from Cochella Valley here.

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